Tarflower Chapter

Florida Native Plant Society


Use this page to tell people when and where the chapter meets.  Just change this text.
You will also want to set up for a GoogleMap image.
In most themes, this page content will show, then the map.
Suggested content for this page:

Meeting Day and Time

EG.  Third Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 pm

Meeting Location

Describe where the chapter meets (usually the address)

You can add other things -- such as the regional area that the chapter serves -- you pick what goes here.   Delete anything I put here that you don't want.

Save your work!  Now!
This is set to use the meetinglocation template.  If it not use that template, save your work, then pick Page Options, and tell it to use the meetingloaction template.
Now set up for the map.
Open up Google Maps, put in the address of the meeting location, view your map, refine it if necessary, then clike "share".  Pick the embed option.  Copy the iframe code
Go to the theme tab.  Choose  choose "Edit Components"   Put the copied iframe code into this component.
Save your work!
We highly recommend that you check where GoogleMap puts the meeting location.  You may need to change the component to use a lat-long instead of an address.  You can test out the address (or lat-long) using GoogleEarth before you set up the component.