Our events in 2017-18

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 Upcoming Tarflower monthly meeting programs:

When you arrive, please let us know if you are from MeetUp.com, referred by someone else, or not a Tarflower member while you check in. The information you provide will help us advertise better!

7/11/17 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Central Florida Dragonflies' presented by Mary Keim 

Please note: July's presentation falls on the second Tuesday for this month. 

Dragonflies are important in wetland ecosystems, vulnerable to wetland drainage, excess nutrients, pesticides and shoreline "cleaning."  They eat a broad range of insects from mosquitos to beetles to other dragonflies.  Over 60 dragonflies are found in Central Florida.  Some species do not venture far from the water where they breed, while others, such as the Wandering Glider, migrate long distances. Mary is a retired college biology instructor and lists her interests as birding, butterflying, native plant gardening and nature photography.  

Please join us July 11th at 7 p.m. for this fascinating presentation. Copy this to my calendar

8/1/17 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Edible Wild Foods-What to Gather When and How' presented by Peggy Lantz.

 August's presentation will be with Peggy Lantz- an esteemed, long-time Tarflower member. Peggy was the very first editor of the Palmetto- the official magazine of the Florida Native Plant Society. Ms. Lantz is a Florida Master Naturalist, musician, horseman, leathercrafter, outdoors woman, editor, and author. Ms. Lantz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. The variety and range of her publications reflect her many interests. She served as editor of the Florida Native Plant Society’s publications and its magazine, The Palmetto, for 15 years, and as editor of Florida Audubon Society’s magazine, The Florida Naturalist. Ms. Lantz lives in Woodsmere in west Orange County, Florida, in the community settled by her grandfather in 1914. She is the co-author of the incredibly popular 'Florida's ncredible Wild Edibles' book, published by the Florida Native Plant Society which has been continuously in print since 1993.  Copy this to my calendar

Note: Any reference to medicinal or culinary use of plants or plant parts should in no way be considered an endorsement by the Florida Native Plant Society of any sort of experimentation or consumptive use.

9/5/17 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Genetic Diversity or Cultivars and Clones: Pros and Cons' presented by Nancy Bissett 

Planting species with their range of genetic diversity offers different benefits and drawbacks from species that are propagated as named cultivars or clones with an identical genetic makeup. These will be compared and contrasted and will include considerations such as longer and more versatile blooms, adaptation to varying seeding conditions, more attractive to pollinators, more resilient to varying weather, disease, predation, and soil conditions, locally sourced, and helping to preserve not only the species, but the genetic variability within the species. Cultivars offer uniformity and reliability in production and performance, enhanced characteristics in size, shape, and color forms, suitability to container growth and appeal, and market draw as something special. Nancy graduated from Florida Southern College (summa cum laude), with a BS. degree in horticulture and botany, June 1980. She co-founded The Natives Nursery in 1982. Copy this to my calendar

10/3/17 at 6:30pm at Leu Gardens- 'Bringing back Biodiversity in Urban Yards' by Patrick Bohlen, Ph.D. Our 2nd Annual Tarflower regional invite. Joint meeting with Cuplet Fern, Passion Flower, Lake Beautyberry, Pine Lily Chapters along with Orange Audubon Society and Central FL Sierra Club.

October marks our 3rd Annual Florida Native Plant MonthThis important month in the FNPS calendar year has city and county-level proclamations initiated by local chapters across the state. We will have our 5th annual Backyard Biodiversity Day in Winter Park as well. Come join us as we kick off this month with renowned University of Central Florida professor Dr. Patrick Bohlen. A professor of Biology, Dr. Bohlen is also the Director Landscape and Natural Resources (LNR) and Arboretum at UCF. The LNR department is responsible for landscape operations and natural resource management on UCF’s main campus, Lake Nona medical campus, and other UCF facilities. Patrick received his PhD in entomology from Ohio State University in 1994 where he studied soil and ecosystem ecology. He was a research biologist at Archbold Biological Station in Lake Placid, Florida for 11 years prior to coming to UCF in 2010. Dr. Bohlen recently has also presented at the FNPS 2016 annual conference on 'How Important Are Native Plants for Urban Biodiversity?' Copy this to my calendar

11/7/17 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Disease and Insect Problems of FL Native Plants' by Stephen Brown.

Native plants are a great addition to any Florida garden, but they sometimes face unintended problems. Many natives are no longer being grown under ideal native conditions. The movement of exotic insects and diseases affects the health of some susceptible plants. You will become familiar with significant pests of some commonly grown natives and some not so well known problems. We will be covering the not so healthy dispositions of some native shrubs, trees, ferns and palms. Stephen has a B.S. in Soil Science and M.S. in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition. Copy this to my calendar

12/5/17 at 6:30pm at Leu Gardens- 'The Dirt on Dirt: Exploring Florida's Native Soils' presented by Cayce Salvino 

Cayce Salvino is a native Floridian, born and raised in South Florida. While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Unity College in Maine, Cayce became immersed and quickly infatuated with soil science. Cayce continued her passion in graduation school at the University of Maine where she studied Forest Soils and taught Soil Science. After completing graduate school Cayce became a Field Biologist in Alabama where she wore many hats as a botanist, soil scientist, and atmospheric instrument technician. She is currently working for Orange County Environmental Protection Department as an Environmental Scientist in the Ambient Air monitoring section. Cayce became a Tarflower member shortly after moving back to Florida in 2015. She will be discussing the native Florida soils and the role they play in our prized ecosystems. Please join us this month in welcoming one of our own as she presents on soils- the foundation for all plants that directly and indirectly rely on them!

 December happens to be our annual holiday potluck meeting! Please bring a dish (or three!) and enjoy holiday music with additional time to socialize before the meeting officially begins. Copy this to my calendar


1/9/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'The Rare and Unique Plants of Central Florida' presented by Michael Jenkins, plant conservation biologist.

Please note: January's presentation falls on the second Tuesday for this month. 

Happy New Year! Tarflower Chapter kicks off their first presentation of the year by presenting Michael Jenkins from the Florida Forest Service. Local rare plants (those found around the greater Central Florida area) and their needed management will be covered in this presentation. This includes such topics as prescribed fire, plant identification, fuel busters, and non-native, invasive plant management. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Field Ecology from Prescott College, Arizona and has worked as a biologist statewide in Florida, with a private environmental consulting firm, the Bureau of Invasive Plant Management, the Florida Park Service, and the Florida Natural Areas Inventory. He lives in Tallahassee and is involved with the FNPS Magnolia Chapter. Copy this to my calendar

2/6/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Botanically rich hikes along the Florida Trail' presented by Sandra Friend and John Keatley, noted authors and Florida Trail Association (FTA) members.

Sandra Friend is the founder of FloridaHikes.com and with 31 books to her name since 1999, Sandra is known as Florida’s hiking expert and is a respected name in travel. She has walked more than 5,000 miles in the state while researching trails for her books and website. Together with her husband, John Keatley, they work as a team on creative projects, including books, magazine articles, tourism products, and website content. Sandra and John are members of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Florida Outdoor Writers Association as well as life members of several trail organizations. Please join us in February with FTA members as we discover trails worthy of interest for both organizations. 

Should you need one of their books, Sandra and John will be selling and autographing them at the meeting! Checks and cash only will be accepted. Copy this to my calendar

3/6/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Discovering the Right Mix of Native Plants for year-round Pollinators' presented by Joshua Campbell, Ph.D.

Popular with Tarflower, March 6th's presentation will be with native bee expert Dr. Josh Campbell. Dr. Campbell has been putting into a practice a research paper on native bee abundance in correlation with native plant populations co-authored by none other than Dr. Jaret Daniels. Dr. Campbell is a native pollinator expert and focuses on how habitat changes can affect their diversity and abundances. Bring something to take notes! Dr. Campbell's presentations are full of rich details that will come very handy for your yard! Copy this to my calendar

4/3/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Florida's Wild Waters: Adventure in Your Backyard' presented by Curtis Whitwam, master watercolorist and certified Master Naturalist.

Tarflower is pleased to spotlight a multimedia talk showcasing the amazing wild places that are still here in the state of Florida where you can find inspiration and natural beauty. His current work highlights moments from his travels paddling the Suwannee River from White Springs to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Hillsborough, Santa Fe, Weeki Wachee and Ichetucknee Springs and Rivers in an effort to inspire people to treasure these beautiful waterways and protect them. 

Should you become mesmerized with Curtis' caliber, limited pieces of his artwork will be available for sale during the meeting. Checks and cash only accepted. A percentage of all sales of Whitwam's Art will go to support various environmental causes in Florida. Copy this to my calendar

5/1/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'April showers bring May flowers' presented by Kevin Songer, J.D.

Tarflower is pleased to have Kevin Songer J.D. present again with us- this time pertaining to the old adage 'April showers bring May Flowers'.
Kevin is known for his interactive style presentations- if you don't like just sitting and listening, this presenter is for you! We will do a project of some art-botany type covering May flowers. Kevin will highlight the importance of this season! Kevin Songer also holds a B.S. in Biology and a Juris Doctor in law with an environmental and land use focus. He is a notable writer and contributor in Florida's green roof industry. Kevin operates a daily green roof blog 'Living Green Roofs'. He is a LEED BG+C and an ISA Certified Arborist & Municipal Specialist Arborist. Kevin specializes in green roof building in the urban core. 
Copy this to my calendar

6/5/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Understanding the Enemy: The Success of Florida's Exotic Invasives' presented by Emma Byerly, UF undergrad student specializing in Restoration Horticulture.

June's presentation spotlights vanguard young biologists in the plant world! Emma Byerly will be a junior at the University of Florida studying Plant Science and specializing in Restoration Horticulture. She is currently finishing an independent research project under Dr. S. Luke Flory studying invasive plants and climate change. As such, she is planning to give a talk about exotic invasive species as a part of Florida’s ecology. Exotic invasive plants, while incredibly harmful to the environment in so many ways, are fascinating for Emma. These plants are infamous for altering fire regimens, releasing allelopathic compounds, poisoning livestock, and creating monospecific stands that directly and indirectly affect biodiversity. Understanding their success in the wild can help all Florida citizens to be better informed on the severe repercussions that these plants have on our land. A vivid presentation on different strategies exotic invasives use to outcompete natives is being planned specially for our audience. Copy this to my calendar

8/7/18 at 7pm at Leu Gardens- 'Snapshots in time of Oakland Nature Preserve & beyond' by Linda Wilinski

Linda is a freelance photographer and Master Naturalist that has never lost her childlike fascination with the wonders of the outdoors. She is currently doing a year-round project capturing pictures of Oakland Nature Preserve and will be presenting her results (along with other pictures of wild Florida) to our membership in August. Leu Gardens will be showcasing Linda's artwork in the main building from July-Sept 2018! This art display was specifically generated for her Tarflower program. Copy this to my calendar


 Upcoming Tarflower monthly field trips:

Note: Attendance at field trips may be limited at the request of the venue. Please email us to let us know how many in your party will be attending. Contact us if you are interested in being an Assistant Field Trip Coordinator for a particular field trip as some excursions require additional chaperoning. Field trips are always finalized a month prior to the event date as weather, flowering plants, controlled burns, and other conditions need to be fully considered.

October's Field Trip information can be found by clicking on the image! Please join us as we continue to celebrate October FL Native Plant Month with Eric Rollings, Orange County Chair of Soil and Water Conservation, at the Warea tract on October 21st


 Upcoming Tarflower volunteer opportunities:

 Note: Volunteer opportunities pop-up and change throughout the year. Always check our chapter website for up-to-date information. Please email us if you have general questions on volunteering. Each opportunity will have a direct link to email a Tarflower member who is leading that particular event and will be your main point of contact. 

Volunteer Gardening Days! Come participate in some real feel-good gardening work with other gardeners while you get hands-on experience with native plants!  

1/28/17 Where: Mead Gardens Timeframe: 9am- 1pm. Additional information: Meet in parking lot near the restroom at the end of the main entrance driveway off Denning Drive (1500 S. Denning Drive, Winter Park, FL  32789). Bring water, a snack, a hat, pants and shoes that could get muddy, gloves, a hand trowel, pruning shears or extra loppers might be useful. The Tarflower Chapter has worked with other volunteer groups in 4 small areas where invasive exotics have been removed and native species have been planted. Depending on how many volunteers we have, we will be working in 1 or more of those 4 areas (two wetland and two upland). Only people who are 16 and older this time, please; it will be a somewhat delicate operation in most area to avoid the natives and extract the non-natives. For additional questions on this particular gardening work day, please email the Tarflower leader of this initiative by clicking herePlease remember to log your volunteer hours if you are a Tarflower member! You can easily email your hours to our VP of Programs who is tracking them by clicking here.

Plant Salvages! Come participate in saving plants from land slated for development! Talk and learn while you get hands-on experience with native plants! 

1/12/17, 1/14/17, and 1/19/17 Where: Off Hwy 27 just north of Clermont Additional information: It is a Sandhill site and slated for development in the very near future. Salvaged plants are slated for several restoration areas- Lake Louisa, St John's (2 sites), and Oakland Nature Preserve. If you can make it, please email the Tarflower leader below for address information and more details. There are two entries to the site one with parking, one without, so depending on the number of folks who can make which days, we'll decide which parking area. Also, please forward to anyone else you think might be interested in helping. For Tarflower members it's a bit of a hike, so we are hoping Lake County folks may know of more. We have sent an invitation to Passionflower members (Lake County) to join in as well. For additional questions on this particular salvage, please email the Tarflower leader of this initiative by clicking herePlease remember to log your volunteer hours if you are a Tarflower member! You can easily email your hours to our VP of Programs who is tracking them by clicking here.

Exotic Plant Removals! Come participate in removing exotic, invasive plants from native landscapes! Talk and learn while you get hands-on experience on how to reduce or eliminate exotic plant growth effectively and efficiently!

2/25/17 and 3/25/17 Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) will be hand pulling invasive Natal Grass (Melinis repens) and placing into plastic bags while walking in Sandhill habitat at the Warea Tract of the Seminole State Forest. Please visit the FWC for updates and registering. The Warea tract is beautiful and hosts the rare and endangered Clasping Warea Plant (Warea Amplexifolia). Registration is easy and required if you plan to help. When: 9:00 AM Where: Warea Tract of the Seminole State Forest, 17419 W Phil C Peters Road, Clermont, Florida 34787  Contact: Michael Jenkins Michael.Jenkins@FreshFromFlorida.com Website: http://outreach.myfwc.com/events/event_list.asp


❧ Upcoming Tarflower events:

1/20/18 marks the Annual Birdapalooza Festival! Saturday- Free festival with activites for kids. In addition to the Saturday festival, on Friday, Jan 19th and Sun 21st there are field trips for modest fees including a few for photographers.  Check out all the B’palooza field trips and keynotes here and check out the Saturday festival here.


March kicks-off our spring plant events. Come enjoy warmer weather and learn about the beauty of grasses, trees, and plants that bloom in Florida this time of the year.


3/11/17 & 3/12/17 marks the Annual Leu Gardens Plant Sale! This is an important Tarflower event. We go all out as we show our support for the venue that we have been meeting at since 1989. Huge selection of plants, books, and other merchandize. Up to 7,000 attendees convene here over 2 days so be sure you come early, find a parking space, and have a good gameplan for your visit.


UPDATE: The annual yard tour for 2017 has been canceled and will return again in a few years. 4/8/17 marks the Central Florida Native and Wildlife Friendly Yard Tour! This is a Tarflower & Cuplet Fern FNPS Chapters and Orange Audubon Society collaborated event. Come out for a tour of many different homes in different ecozones around town! Mark your calendars- this is one you don't want to miss! Copy this to my calendar


October kicks-off our fall plant events. Come enjoy cooler weather and learn about the beauty of grasses, trees, and plants that bloom in Florida this time of the year.

10/1/17 Kicks off October FL Native Plant Month! We have our very first A TOAST to Natives! Event This is this first of it's kind, native plant infused beers and teas tasting event in Orlando! Come out for to the historic Enzian theatre between 12pm and 2pm. Register for tickets here: https://squareup.com/store/tarflower-chapter-fl-native-plant-society  Space is limited! Please pre-register to ensure you get a taste! Copy this to my calendar


10/14/17 marks our 5th Annual Backyard Biodiversity Day! This is a Tarflower-hosted event. Come out for a beautiful collection of native plants, workshops, and proclamations that celebrate October as Florida Native Plant Month!  There will also be kids activities, food trucks, beverages, live music, and so much more. This event will appeal to all your loved ones! Mark your calendars- this is one you don't want to miss! Copy this to my calendar


11/4/17 marks GROWvember- a Mead Gardens event. Tarflower is proud to show our support at this event as well as our Mead Gardens Restoration efforts that occur throughout the year. Come out and talk to us about beautiful Florida plants and enjoy books, plants, and other merchandise that will be a feast for your eyes and gentle on your pocketbook. Copy this to my calendar