Tarflower for Kids!

Read a great blog article from FNPS.org on teaching children to value and respect the wilderness



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Coloring pages... with Native Plants & Animals!

Courtesy of Amy Mosher. Enjoy!

For watercoloring, we recommend Canson, XL Mixed Media, 11” x 14” paper pad. This type of paper is able to handle acrylic, watercolor, pen and pencil! Available at Michaels. Trim pages to 8.5"x11" and load them into your printer to print the designs. 

A few 'kids activity area' pics from Backyard Biodiversity Day. Photos courtesy of Teresa Chin.  Teresa also made bookmarks for the occasion by cutting the paper to 3” x 8.5” pieces. Put a hole punch in the middle of the top of the paper for a small ribbon. Use watercolors or watercolor pencils to freehand your own design! Bookmarks are still popular with kids!




Published on  Aug 16, 2017