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If a plant naturally reproduces once every year, how long will it take on average, for a new species of that plant to evolve? 

Answer: 20,000 years

What about Florida and Florida's native plants?

The highest numbers of endemic plant species in the United States are found in Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, and California, particularly in areas with poor dry soils and/or low precipitation. In Florida, most endemic plants are associated with dry, or xeric, habitats such as sandhills, scrub, scrubby flatwoods and pine rocklands. Of the more than 2,840 native or naturalized vascular plants that constitute the Florida flora, an estimated 11 percent are endemic to the state. Florida has 215 endemic and near-endemic plant species that thrive naturally nowhere else on earth. 

Why choose Tarflower? 

By Mark Kateli

Tarflower Chapter has been at the forefront of native plants since the very beginning of our organization. In fact, the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) was founded here in Orange County. Tarflower continues to fulfill its destiny of being an intellectual hub for native plant growers and enthusiasts. Our programs are geared towards Florida ecology and highlights the intricate web of life that revolves around them. Truly- if our native pollinators, birds, insects, fish, and animals were planets, Florida native plants would be the sun in their solar system. Everything revolves around and interacts with them in one way or another. Tarflower recognizes the immutable importance of spreading the knowledge about this to the communities that we serve. Tarflower leads by example and continues to be a steward to important causes pertaining to native plants.


Leadership through State Grants for Science and Conservation

Tarflower routinely donates to two important grants annually to FNPS State: the Sam Hopkins Science Grant and the Conservation Grant in memory of Dick Deuerling. Over time, we aim to increase our grant donations due to simple inflation but we need your love and support through membership to fuel this growth.


Quality Monthly Programs

Tarflower is known to vet, help develop, and offer presentations that are unique and sometimes firsts in the native plant world. We trailblaze through the system in pursuit of programs that a variety of people can benefit from. Tarflower does not focus on science alone, but pursues a wholesome, well-rounded approach to native plants to include art, environmental law, green design architecture, and even culinary applications. Tarflower is at the intersection where everyday life and native plants meet. Indeed, native plants can be utilized in a vast array of aspects in our society. And we aim to enlighten that onto others. 


Outreach Events 

Integrating native plants back into people's lives effortlessly benefits the biodiversity around their yard, office, or commercial property. Many of our patrons have found the transition from a lawn 'desert' to a yard bursting with life to be remarkable and nothing short of astonishing. Outreach events such as the Leu Gardens plant sale, Backyard Biodiversity Day, and GROWvember are utilized by Tarflower to promote the native plant message. We are adamant that native plants can be tended for much like any other plant and that we are okay with some native plants in your yard rather than none at all. Through our outreach efforts, we aim to dispell the nonsense that large conglomerates want you to hear about fertilizing and the aesthetic value of exotic-invasives that continue to decimate our land. Native plants boast the trifecta of being hardy, beautiful, and custom-tailored by mother nature herself for life in your yard where other plants fail.


Plant Salvages and Restoration Efforts

As our world becomes more and more affected by urban sprawl, Tarflower helps transport imperiled (and sometimes federally endangered) plants to refuges (such as Oakland Nature Preserve) before they are razed by development. Like plant rescues, restoration efforts happen throughout the year. Tarflower focuses its energy at Mead Botanical Gardens, Shadow Bay Park, Oakland Nature Preserve, Orlando Wetlands Park, and Leu Gardens to name a few. Our members enjoy the feel-good work of mulching, weeding, and nurturing. Our goal is to see native plants thrive in their habitat. When they shine, we shine.


Providing a Haven for Gardening Enthusiasts like You

If you happen to be in Orange County, the greater Orlando area, or happen to be admiring what we do from Alaska, we encourage you to become a Tarperson.

Since 1980, we have created a haven for plant lovers and nature enthusiasts alike to talk to one another and gain helpful growing tips as they become part of our extended family. Several of our members are power-hitters in the plant world including Dr. Walter Taylor (noted author), Catherine Bowman (current FNPS state president), Ann Redmond (past FNPS state president), Kevin Songer J.D. (award-winning green roof architect) and Peggy Lantz (noted author). Tarflower provides a friendly atmosphere for members and non-members to communicate with one another at several different events throughout the year. Learning can be an interactive experience, so become a member and journey with us!








Published on  Oct 14, 2017