Share A Ride!

Retired professionals and members still retain an avid interest in native plants that is alive and well. With your help, we can get them to our programs and events. You can expand your own knowledge bank on native plants successfully through the experiences and knowhow that's been earned over a LIFETIME by these individuals!

There are several great instances where the Share a Ride program can help all involved:
Going to Tarflower's programs and events and completing the experience with someone just as interested in natives as you!

  • Going to Conference (saves on gas... not to mention a boring, long drive alone)
  • Going on the Yard Tour where several stops during the day could benefit from a second set of eyes on the road. 
  • The Share a Ride initiative can help you get to know your Tarflower family better. Afterall, we are a small community that truly understands the importance of natural Florida. What better way to share ideas and experiences over something you truly love?



How To's and FAQ's!

  • Use the map above to zoom in to your location within Central Florida. Locate the closest member (or members) to you. Contact Tarflower here. We will act as the intial liason and once both parties agree, you are free to take it from there. 

  • What's going on with all the locations so far from Orlando? Well, those are addresses of people that have other residences across the state and are probably not an option for the Share a Ride program. These are likely some of our patrons that donate in the form of a Tarflower membership and never attend meetings. Yes, there are diehard Tarflower fans out there!

  • Should I contribute gas money or the like? That's up to you and the person you're carpooling with. It's always a nice gesture to offer.

  • What happens if someone declines carpooling with me? Try someone else. Share a Ride is not a perfect solution, but does help the search go a little quicker. 

  • What happens if I never find a carpool person? We can certainly try for you. Tarflower is known to be creative with their solutions. We may need you to travel half-way or something else, if it works out.