Tarflower Chapter

Orange County, Florida


Gallaries let you make slide shows. 

Two types of Gallaries are available.  

  1. One pull the images from your uploads directory.  We recommend putting them in /uploads/galleries  and we recommend making a subfolder for each one -- it is easier to manage.  What we really encourage is option 2.
  2. The other pulls images from Flickr (nanoGallery).  This type of gallary is highly mobile friendly but it does require you to set up a Flickr site (free).  Overall, we think this is less work than putting local galleries on your site

Using the gallery that stores the images within this site

  1. Display image galleries from internal site storage
  2. Slideshow
  3. Automatic thumbnails
  4. Display image captions and descriptions
  5. Multiple galleries can show on one page
  6. Provides several pre-built themes
  7. Not mobile friendly
  8. Less than easy to use

It takes three steps

  1. Upload your images -- we recommend making a subfolder under gallaries for each slide show
  2. Now go to the Galleries tab -- pick new gallery on the right and then follow the instructions
  3.  Insert your gallery within your page(s) -- you can use a gallery on multiple pages and you can put multple galleries on one page -- copy the code that shows after the gallary is created into your page.  It will look something like

Using the gallery that lets you store images on Flickr

Key features -

  1. Slideshow
  2. Automatic thumbnails
  3. Display image captions and descriptions
  4. Breadcrumb for easy navigation in photo albums
  5. Multiple galleries on one page
  6. Highly customizable
  7. Responsive layout - mobile friendly
  8. Ignore desired albums or photosets (by keyword blacklisting)
  9. Requires a Flickr account (free)

For more info, see the NanoGallery page