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nanoGALLERY for GetSimple

Image gallery for GetSimple CMS. A powerful and easy to setup GetSimple plugin for displaying image galleries that are in Flickr  photo albums. Flickr is free.  The galleries are mobile-friendly. Images are shown as clickable thumbnails, which will expand to full view via a modal popup window. Support custom themes.

Note:  due to changes in Google, we are strongly suggesting that you use a Flickr account.

Key features

  • Display image galleries from multiple data sources
  • Slideshow
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Display image captions and descriptions
  • Breadcrumb for easy navigation in photo albums
  • Multiple galleries on one page
  • Include pre-built themes, support for custom themes
  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive layout - mobile friendly
  • Ignore desired albums or photosets (by keyword blacklisting)
  • Flickr account


Syntax and options

Arguments are separated by &. Following arguments are supported

  • userID : user ID of the Flickr account (mandatory).  To retrieve your Flickr user ID, use this page:  http://www.flickr.com/services/api/explore/flickr.people.findByUsername
  • kind : flickr - set the storage type (mandatory)
  • photoset : photoset ID - to display only the specified photoset
  • displayBreadcrumb : true / false - display or not the navigation breadcrumb
  • blackList : list of keywords to ignore - photoset containing one the keyword in the title will be ignored. Keywords separator is |. (optional)
  • whiteList : List of keywords to authorize - photoset must contain one of the keywords to be displayed. Keywords separator is |. (optional)
  • displayCaption : true / false - display or not the image title (optional)
  • displayDescription : true / false - display or not the image description (optional)
  • thumbnailHeight : integer or auto - Height in pixels of the thumbnails (optional)
  • thumbnailWidth : integer or auto - Width in pixels of the thumbnails (optional)
  • theme : name of the theme clean default (optional)
  • thumbnailHoverEffect : Possible values: slideUp, slideDown, slideLeft, slideRight, imageSlideUp, imageSlideDown, imageSlideLeft, imageSlideRight, labelAppear, labelAppear75, labelSlideDown, labelSlideUp, labelOpacity50, imageOpacity50, borderLighter, borderDarker, imageInvisible, descriptionSlideUp, imageScale150, imageScale150Outside, scale120, overScale, overScaleOutside, scaleLabelOverImage, rotateCornerBR, rotateCornerBL, imageRotateCornerBR, imageRotateCornerBL, imageFlipHorizontal, imageFlipVertical, labelSplitVert, labelSplit4, labelAppearSplitVert, labelAppearSplit4, imageSplitVert, imageSplit4

Flickr example:

Display albums from the user Kris_B (34858669@N00). Thumbnail size : 300x200 pixels.  To see the actual code, log in and view this in the page editing view.

Display albums from the user 34858669@N00. Thumbnail size : 300x200 pixels. Ignore album containing 'scrapbook' or 'profil' in the title.  To see the actual code, log in and view this in the page editing view.  Note -- this fellow does not actually have a 'scrapbook' album so it comes out looking the same as the first example.