Tarflower Chapter

Orange County, Florida


Use themes to change the look of your site: 

We have done some customization, but you are welcome to do more -- and you should if you have basic HTML and CSS knowledge.  Responsive sites can be more difficult to use than fixed-width sites, but if you stick with what our WebTeam has configured, this may not be an issue.

Several themes have easy editing of common items including selected colors, backgrounds and images.  These are indicated below as easy edit.  Easy edit themes have a plugin that controls the major theme settings.

All themes have "components" which allow the editing of items (such as Chapter Name) which are common to all themes.

Available Themes

Mobile friendly

  • BG4forFNPS - A variant of BG4 that has been set up with an FNPS look; the header and a home page slider have been set up. Same comments on capabilities and needed skills.  Highly recommended if you are fluent with HTML and have some css knowledge
  • City Lights -- Huge image as the home page, one-level menu.  This theme has some  formatting options that are settable when setting up the theme.  For example, you change the big image by uploading it to sitedesign and enabling it using a theme setting.  The basic color scheme is dark blue, but all the dark colors are editable. Easy edit.
  • Monarda -- Same as City Lights except the basic color scheme is dark green, but all the dark colors are editable.  Easy edit.
  • Inception - One-level menu but it extends nicely.  You will want to customize the links to social media in the footer (they are in a component to make them easy to edit)
  • Martin County Blue  - One-level menu across the top.  Easy to use.  This is a variant of the original Ocean theme, but customized for FNPS.  Easy edit.
  • NatureCoastPastel. 
  • Pure-side-menu -One level menu on the left side.  This is a more interesting theme than you might expect.   FNPS configuration is basic.  If you want to customize the theme, see https://purecss.io/ for more information on the css used for this theme.   This might be a hidden gem.
  • Seaside2 - One-level menu (keep very short) but wraps reasonably well
  • SkrollrGS -- Very different, it scrolls to the side.  It does some trickery to do this, basically turning all pages into a single page, so not appropriate for large sites.   Should work for most chapters.  Menu is fixed on the left side.   The calendar and meeting location need to be built into their pages (display source, then add the component code manually -- this theme cannot use the calendar and meeting location layouts.  You can build the code into the pages, so don't let this stop you.
  • SuncoastDrop - responsive, this is a variant of Boom with a multi-level (drop-down) menu and customization for FNPS.  ​​​​​​​ Easy edit.
  • Verti.  Home page has 3 boxes on the home page, plus a big general box below them. It has a multi-level menu.  The code for the boxes has to be in components so is not WYSIWYG editable.  But the boxes could be used to point to the next meeting, the next field trip, and something else -- but probably each needs to be a sentence and a "go to" button.  The top level menu should be limited to 5 items, but dropdowns can extend it indefinitely.  Currently working on this to make it more user friendly (easy edit).

Not Mobile Friendly -- these are here only because some chapters have not yet upgraded to mobile friendly.  If you are not already in one of these, we strongly recommend using one of the mobile friendly themes.

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter -- simple, fixed width themes, easy to use, not mobile friendly -- these allow drop-down menus but the dropdowns will not work on mobile devices
  • Grass - simple, fixed width theme, easy to use, not mobile friendly, allows drop-down menu
  • Trumpet vine - simple, fixed-width theme, not mobile friendly ,easy to use, multi-level menu
  • Snail - simple, fixed width theme, not mobile friendly, easy to use, not mobile friendly, You cannot extend the menu which means you may have to move on to a different template if your menu gets longer.
  • SideBarMenu - Fixed width site, not mobile friendly, one-level menu, but you can make it quite long. Extremely simple layout useful if you want to manually insert lots of images in the pages themselves (has no header images)
  • Elegant One - fixed width, has drop-down menu capability, not mobile friendly

Menues and themes:  Beware any theme that does not allow submenues and also limits the number of items in a single-level menu structure.  Single level menues are fine when the number of items is unrestricted.  You may have to change themes if you add too many menu items.   As delivered, we assume that sub-menues are available (if not available, menu items will show in a strange order, you can change that by editing the pages).  

The major header-type images have been moved into a an images subdirectory where you can replace them.  sitedesign The images are named by what they are followed by the associated theme.   If you plan to change the theme's major images rarely,  download the image(s) so that you can see what the dimensions are, create your replacement image, then upload that with the name of the image that you are replacing.   If you plan to change one frequently, we can set the theme to read the name of the image from a component.