Tarflower Chapter

Orange County, Florida

More Instructions

This site is a simple content management system that you can use for your chapter.  You will want to familiarize yourself with these instructions.  Once you know your tools, you can hide this page (it will be available from the Administration Dashboard)


  • Tack  "/admin" onto the site name.  It will look something like "chapter.fnpschapters.org/admin"
  • To go back to the site -- just change the URL to chapter.fnpschapters.org
  • Read these instructions -- also read the sub-pages!

Things You Can Do

  • Select a theme. The theme will determine how your site looks.
  • Edit pages
  • Edit the menu to add or delete pages
  • Create galleries/slideshows
  • Store your newsletter

Things You Should Do

  • Insert your chapter contact information (probably on the Home page)
  • Insert the chapter meeting site for the map and make sure it works (see below)

How To

Manage Newsletters

  • Go to Admin
  • Click on files tab
  • Go to newsletters
  • Click on choose files -- pick your file then hit Upload
  • Now, go to pages
  • Pick the Newsletters page to edit
  • Type in the name you want your users to see, such as "November 2012"
  • Click the link symbol
  • Choose URL, we recommend that you also pick load in new browser window
  • Choose Browse Server
  • Go to the newsletters directory and pick your file
  • Do any other edits -- you could, for instance add a summary of what is in the newsletter or add an image.
  • Click Save
  • You are done!  Add another newsletter next month

Manage Chapter Meeting Information

  • Go to Admin
  • Click on pages tab
  • Choose the meetings page and edit it
  • Type whatever you want but don't change the line in read that references the google map -- we'll edit the map in a moment
  • Hit save
  • Now let's change the map
  • Pick plugins
  • Pick Google Map
  • You'll see a list of plugins
  • Click "Googlemap" in a dark box to the right
  • Enter the address for your meeting site (make sure it works, you might want to copy from something you already checked as Googlemap friendly
  • Scan down further and put in something for the "balloon" -- could be the address again, or possibly parking instructions, or both.  Keep is simple
  • Save
  • You're done!

Edit Your Home Page (you will likely want to use this for announcements)

  • Go to Admin
  • Click on pages tab
  • Choose the home page and edit it
  • Save!

Edit Your Calendar -- this will change!

  • Your chapter has two URLs for TeamUp.  One is editable and you go to this site to edit.
  • The other is read-only.  You should edit the calendar component (pick theme, then components) so that it has the correct calendar identifier (this is an ugly number) for your chapter -- it is in the URL.  Other than the chapter identifier, the URL is already in the component.  You need to edit the conponent ONCE -- it will remain correct for any theme that you pick.
  • You can also add text to the calendar page.  This is a good place to add detail for a special upcoming event in the calendar.  If you don't need this, just leave the page empty -- the calendar will still show.

Galleries -- Slide Shows

  • They could be simpler -- sigh
  • Upload your images using the files tab.  You have some ability to resize, but good advice is to downsize to about a 600-700 maximum dimension before you try to upload
  • Then go to plugins, Gallery
  • There are lots of options, but basically, you get to browser the server for files to put in your slide show
  • When you've chosen them, you save them and it shows you a name -- copy it
  • Add what you copied to your galleries page -- you'll see one there already as an example
  • Save it
  • Warning -- if you set "fancy URLs" these galleries don't work .... so don't set that if you want slide shows
  • Advanced Actions

To do these advanced actions, please consult the documentation for GetSimple

  • Modify Any Template
    • Note: There are several templates that use images -- to change those, you will need to upload replacement images
    • The image used in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter is in the theme images directory and is called slider.jpg.  It is 940x320 pixels.  Just replace it by the image of your choice.  So long as you use the same name, you won't need to edit the theme itself. Note that the theme preview will still show the original image, it is not live, but a screenshot.
  • Change your password (not recommended)
  • Create a new template
  • Add new plugins
  • Galleries