Tarflower Chapter

Orange County, Florida


Tarflower Executive Committee

June 2020 - May 2021


President: Jennifer Ferngren

Jennifer Ferngren, President

Jennifer has always had a passion for nature and preserving our natural systems for future generations. Jennifer is an Orlando local and graduated from UCF with a degree in Environmental Science. She now works at E Sciences, Inc. as an environmental consultant. She works on environmental permits with local governmental agencies ensuring that impacts to natural areas are done in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her cats and dogs and slowly converting her yard to a habitat for wildlife.

Duties: Preside at regular and Executive Board meetings, appoint committees for special tasks and be an ex-officio member of all committees, sign all Tarflower Chapter business agreements/contracts, attend annual FNPS Conference, train successor




1st Vice President - Programs: Mandy Morgan

Mandy Morgan, VP Programs

Mandy Morgan received a Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences and a Master of Science in Environmental Horticulture both from the University of Florida. She specialized in medicinal plant production and has two publications on medicinal use and production of Florida native Scutellaria species. Mandy has a passion for ecology and ethnobotanical plants. She joined the Tarflower Board as Vice President of Programs in 2017 and desires to learn more about Florida ecology and the uses of native plants in this region.

Duties: Chair the Program Committee, aide the President and/or act on behalf of in his/her absence, train successor



2nd Vice President - Events: Mike Duffy

Michael Duffy, Vice President, Programs

Mr. Duffy is about to retire after 39 years. Part of his employment good fortune allowed him to enjoy 19 years in Germany and the Netherlands. He witnessed their cultures and the special value they place on family, raising children, land preservation and tight regulations against development. He first joined the Tarflower Chapter ~1989 with Mike Minga and lead plant saves as the first swaths of SR 408 and SR 417 were being carved. As VP of Events, honorable mention goes to Jim Erwin, his mentor. Michael coordinates and brings the staples for FNPS Tarflower Chapter plant sales and presentations throughout the year. His hobbies include promoting native plants, enjoying a native yard, and hang gliding on Central Florida's world famous thermals along the Florida Ridge.

Duties: Chair the Events Committee, aide the President and/or act on behalf of in his/her absence, train successor


Treasurer: Kyle Sheppard

Kyle Sheppard, Treasurer

Kyle was born and raised in Florida, had a lot of freedom and chose to spend time outside. It was in nature, often with family and friends, that he nurtured a fond appreciation for our natural environments. As he grew, this love for the outdoors brought him into the field of architecture after realizing that although he had the knowledge to find food and water, providing a proper shelter always felt out of reach. He is happy to have found FNPS so that, as urban development continues, he can do his part to share the importance of prioritizing preservation and restoration of our native plant communities and conservation of our native ecosystems for future generations. He believes there is no reason humans shouldn’t be able to survive and thrive in a joint partnership with native ecosystems.

Duties: Chair the Budget Committee, maintain records of and report at monthly at Board meetings financial transactions of the Chapter, sign checks, train successor


Secretary: Anna Pepper

Anna Pepper, Secretary

Anna Pepper has her BS in civil engineering from UCF and her Masters of Arts in biology from Miami University's Project Dragonfly GFP Program. Her employment opportunities required her to live in California, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida. Exposure to such a wide array of ecosystems inspired her to learn more about them so she could help protect them. She enjoys travel. As an officer of UCF's Engineers Without Borders chapter, she worked on water solutions for the town of Belle Anse in Haiti. She has also been to Europe, the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru for recreation and education. She volunteers routinely for the City of Winter Park at Mead Garden.

Duties: Record, maintain and report meeting minutes of Executive Committee (Board) and regular meetings, be custodian of all non-financial records, prepare correspondence, maintain Chapter website, train successor


FNPS State Chapter Director: Mandy Morgan

Duties: Attend quarterly State Board meetings as Tarflower Representative, attend annual FNPS conference, advise Executive Board and provide reports from quarterly and annual State FNPS meetings, train successor


Chaired Committees

Committees Needing a Chairperson

  • Education
  • Landscape
  • Plant Sales and Fund Drives

Please contact the President using her link above if you would like to Chair a committee.


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